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I am also still waiting for a signed CD.  Ordered on June 10, 2020.  UMG Customer Service isn't.

I ordered from the US website and still waiting on mine as well.

I've been thinking of cancelling my order from the US store for so long, but I am still hoping that if these ever get fulfilled that they will be a better signature than those L's.

My order is through the US site as well.  Even if you cancel you won't get a full refund.  They'll deduct the "value" of the download from your order.  I've already gone through the discussion with UMG customer service.  Even though I never downloaded it, they claim they would only refund the balance (about $5).  This is bad all around.

I had the same issue with a Weeknd signed LP i cancelled last year. But i just complained and they refunded me the whole amount without really fighting it.

This was handled poorly by her.  She's had time to sign and get these out. Her Instagram account in 2020 showed her isolated at home many times.  Katy Perry despite having a baby, managed to fulfill her orders, late, but still got them out.  Maybe Gaga needed Newbury to handle this mess.

Gaga Is a Disgrace - she had several months to sign her items,  which her company sold - while sat at home in Lockdown doing sweet FA - Sheer Laziness on her part - Fans Should walk away and Stop buying her merchandise - hit her where it hurts in the bank balance! 

Well I’m still waiting on my “Daisies” vinyl from Katy so........

Yes Me too - UK Buyers seem to get the Last of Everything! 

I'm Still waiting on the 2 signed CDs I bought the day they went on sale plus 2 of the signed posters, been in contact with UMG several times and always the same response, they apologize and say they still don't know when we will get them but they will let us know. I too am hopeful that all this extra time will mean better signatures and will not mind the wait at all if we get them.

Now with her recent dog-napping incident and she is in Italy, when do you think she will sign anything?  My guess is never.  They should cancel all orders IMO and stop keeping the fans waiting

Yea I pissed off a bunch of her fans on Twitter and Tweeted that the dognapper was probably a disgruntled customer who paid for the signed CDs and posters nearly a year ago and didn't appreciate being ripped off, and after waiting this long I want what I ordered and not a refund but your right, they probably should just give up and refund us because it's obvious she is making no effort to sign these



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