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Cant order to the US :(

got it!

Thank you! I just ordered 2.

Thank you! I just bought two. But this worries me:

"Your order is expected to ship on December 31, 2020"

So if we get another autopen debacle, we'll be out of luck on Paypal.

The items on the British website indicate a release date of May 29, 2020.  I expect the U.S. discs will be available long before December.

The US website lists the same release date, but the email receipt gives the December date. My assumption is that it'll take more time for her to sign thousands of CD covers, and they're giving themselves a big window. Hopefully it'll be closer to May/June.

Great !  Got it ! Thanks a lot !!

damm i missed it. i really wNt yo get her 


I ordered 2, but havent had much luck with big name musicians lately.

Yes, lately things have not gone well with big name pre-orders


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