Lana Del Rey SIGNED cards bundles restocked on the UK store

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well who the heck can tell with so many inconsistencies.  I'll add mine in for good measure then

I just don’t know why are all signed in blue and mine in black 

This one arrived today from Germany. I´m waiting for one more from France.

so what the consensus here on here?  Over on RACC they are calling them all autopenned or ghost signed.

Mine are coming in today, and I fully expect to be tossing the booklets in the trash.

I´m not an expert on her autograph but I did not get good vibes when I saw it

I received 6 x 12" Signed Lithographs - Definitely NOT Autopenned but clearly Signed by 2 Different People so Without doubt FAKE! 3 were Like the Autograph above and my other 3 were totally different,  I don't think Lana Del Rey has Signed Any of them - Is there any photographic proof anywhere that she signed any - even if it was just 1 ? 

Well, my Lana Del Rag came in.

Wow. This looks like the same ghost signer as a few years ago, and they haven't really upped their game.

Got mine today. Its the signed print. Any thoughts. I got this for my wife so I am far from a Del Rey signature expert


What website did it come from? I got mine from the German website today and they look similar to these. Not sure if real or not. 

My thought is the signed print looks different from the CD card.  I dont know her signature so not sure which is real or fake if either

I threw the CD cards away. They looked like a 4th grader was trying to copy her signature. No chance.


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