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Large framed signed COA picture of Muhammed Ali and Elvis Presley 1973 Las Vegas

a stunning large silver framed signed black and white picture with certificate of authenticity of Muhammed Ali and Elvis Presley from Las Vegas 1973, possibly two of the greatest icons of the 20th century.
The signature in gold pen reads Muhammed Ali 'aka' Cassius Clay, on the reverse of the frame their is a certificate of authenticity by championship sports promotions Jersey City New Jersey and Infinitely Better (members of the movie prop association and the autograph club of Great Britain).


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Paul what do you think of it

Paul, what is your opinion of the above Ali signature you posted?

Paul I will get to the point, you post such obvious forgeries I believe your "pulling our leg". If not you have to look at authentic examples and try to figure some of this stuff out.

Paul is looking for bargains.

And the spamming of this site continues...

Just a side note, several of us were being emailed by Paul J privately looking for opinions and I asked him to go back to posting on the forum for others to opine.   I do believe (based on the private emails) he is sincere in asking his questions, but at the same time I also get everyone elses frustration.  I would rather see him posting to the forum however than just blindly getting a bunch of us who don't know the autographs privately.


Paul, you will never get premium genuine autographs for dumping prices. Never. A good deal yes, but never something at a price that looks to good to be true. Learn to live with it, start to save some money and do a bit of research. Then you won't post 100% obvious forgeries anymore.

Everyone with knowledge of autographs on this great site has no issues with helping anyone who wants to help themselves, but I don't know if "Paul Jones" is looking for us to find him a bargain or if he's just playing us.

And he's all over the place with his autograph questions from the Beatles to Ali.

With all of his posting of various autographs, I hope Paul Jones is taking the time to begin studying autographs.

There are bargains out there if you know autographs.

The one reward for learning and studying autographs is that you can and will eventually find bargains, but take the time to study, please don't spam us until you find something that these great members find authentic so that you can buy it cheap.

We are always willing to help collectors in their endeavors to add to their collections.  Many times, items are posted where there are differences of opinion and we all learn from it.  No one is learning anything from Mr. Jones' discussions.  

I'm not disagreeing :)   However, posting to me and others privately isn't the answer either.  I actually have no idea how I got tag teamed into emails privately that had to do with Beatles and Ali, but I did, and I have zero knowledge on those graphs.

Paul, one of the ways you can brush up on some of your skills (or begin to learn) is by doing a search in the upper right hand corner of our page (if your on a computer) and looking at past threads and comparing autographs and learning about some of them that way.  Or, just sitting back for a bit and following threads and reading to see how the forum works.   

The search on this site isn't what it should be. I'd do the same but Google the subject and autographmagazine.com.

If Mr. Jones wants to continue what he's been doing, he should at least keep them all in one thread.


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