The second of the three (actually four, but three people) autographed photos in my collection I didn't personally witness. I purchased this photo from his website in 2014 (kept the envelope it was mailed in as the closest to provenance I could get) as personally autographed. That doesn't necessarily mean it's an actual signing, though (although one would certainly hope!), so again, I submit to the forum. This time I admit I'm sorta hoping it's judged worthy...

(Real or not, it is certainly one of the prettiest signatures in my admittedly small collection, though...  ;)

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It certainly appears to be Larry's signature. Genuine, IMO.

+1. Looks good to me.

Not expert but looks real

Much thanks for the responses, I'm feeling pretty good about this one now. And man, with a signature like that, even his grocery lists must have looked amazing!


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