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Led Zeppelin Autographed Guitar: Authentic Or Forged?

I was checking out the below Led Zeppelin (Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

After reading Steve's statement about there being zero authentic signed guitars, I came across this one on Ebay.

It is listed by Ebay Blad3207 and it is numbered 27/50.

Does that mean there are 50 of these signed?

Are these autographs authentic or forgeries?


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I always question signed items on Ebay that the seller does not offer any sort of return policy. 

I think they look fake for sure. Also it's missing John Bonham. 

Definitely fake, but missing Bonham makes it look more authentic. As he died in 1980, it would be rather difficult for him to sign an 80s looking guitar.

Not even close -- a poor forgery.

Thank you, Bruce and Andrew.

This is the same seller who tried to sell the below Mickey Mantle forged baseball.

These are laughable forgeries

Below is a link to a previous blog on Ebay seller Blad3207.


Complete crap!

How is that supposed to be a Jimmy Page autograph?

I was thinking the same thing about Plant

total joke

It reminds me of the fake signed guitars at Rock Star Gallery in Arizona. 


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