Heritage has had a hit or miss track record recently (as they "missed" on a Beatles "Help" LP signed by 3). 

Any thoughts on this one?  (Supposedly from the '75 WFIL Philly signing)

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Tough one, I'd definitely refer this one to one of the established experts (if any of them still offer opinions). I'm leaning towards genuine mid 70's.

Anyone have any further thoughts on this one...there are several known signed 'Imagine' albums that fans were able to get from that 1975 Philly charity radio weekend. Iconinc auctions had one that sold 6/21/15 in red ink that looks familiar/close to this example with a Caiazzo LOA. I have earlier Lennon examples , but not many from the mid 70's . Just interested in the history/story on these individual solo albums. Thanks !

I don't think you have to look at exemplars for this decision. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. The overall architecture is off and the ink blobs within the lines not only contradict an even flow, but are also uncharacteristic of Lennon's normal signing pace.

Unusual signing circumstances could account for that, no solid surface, on the run, last signature of a group while trying to retreat from hounds, but under normal circumstances with the usual parameters, I don't like it. I doubt Frank #1 or (even Frank #2) would. :)

this is the LOA signature...same day, same function, auctioned 6/2015


Only reason , Woody, is I own the Heritage lot that Bruce originally posted about. I was looking for a signed imagine album , with very few around, and after diligently researching , I participated in the auction.

Oh. As a rule of thumb, I don't look at Heritage lots. Not consciously anyway. :O  :)

You see that sharp intersection, a point at the top of the 'h'? Coupled with that open bottom part of the 'h'? That especially, among other things, kills it for me. It's so not an 'h' that John would write in that connecting line, that I'd have to see Lennon writing it to believe it.

Has Frank Caiazzo looked at your Lennon/Imagine?  As I mentioned, Heritage has had some "misses" in the last year with their Beatles stuff.  Might be worth getting it checked.  

I'd be surprised if the two examples shown in this thread were signed on the same day. To me the latest Heritage one looks later than 1975 and too clean/precise but you really need people who have much more knowledge of late Lennons to chime in. Roger Epperson posted a thread on this site with many late Lennon examples but I have never seen a true study of them - explaining the letter formation etc. 

Here is one from Frank...a signed"IMAGINE" album...his letter says that this was signed during the "Helping Hands" benefit in May 1975...

good morning...thanks Jim !!.. this is the one I was referencing. According to the heritage LOA, it states my example was signed during the same event. It was a 3 day thing, so maybe they were signed on a different date that weekend. It's a very close call and would like a third-party ( obviously Frank ) to look at it. Any advice greatly appreciated.

What do you think about the following two examples as compared to the signed Imagine?

A lot better than the top one. Look at these two and then immediately page up to the lead example. Tell me if you don't audibly gasp when you read his signature left to right and you get to that 'h', let alone the "L".  :O

That 'h' is the signature equivalent of running over a spike strip.


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