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Thanks mate. I will email banquette back today telling them I’m sending it back. I take it I have to wait for a reply from them before I post it? Cheers

Hello mate, I can't reply to your below message for some strange reason but just to let you know you need to wait for Banquet's response first before sending the items back. They'll give you some kind of reference and you need to put a note in the package you send back. 

The reason you couldn't reply directly is that our discussions only "nest" 5 replies deep.  

Top one fake, 2nd and 3rd are fine 

Here is a link to his actual signature which you can see live:


Looks alot like those fakes. They probably staged the video.  You see he only finished the last bit. You barely see his face too. Lots of question marks... 

The video is real. He signed 7 bags at Koko in London.

How do we know they are fake? Most people say he doesn’t dot the letter I hence making it fake, but in the video of him signing bags he dots the I

ok we don’t see an awful lot in the video, but you do see that.

My opinion is split because your prints look very much like the ones on the video that was posted by Russ Taylor, so I’m not sure

So sorry,  but thoughts please....

Nearly but its a nope

So , have same returned by Royal Mail email - never seen so many returns by RM for the same product ;)

So essentially I am waiting for a fake signature to be returned so they can post that one out to me?

Used to be such a reputible company , but this is just rubbish service



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