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Read the fine print. The vinyl is an 11 x 11 art card, the CD 4 x 4 art card. Which is a bummer because their last one, Nightfall their signatures were beautiful in Silver pen 

Last two were...

Nightfall , their last album wasn’t. They signed the vinyl jacket on that one. It’s beautiful 

Love Little Big town but personally do prefer their Nightdfall signed version on the cd/lp cover.  Not too fond of the price difference of unsigned and signed art card version of the cd/lp  So personnally I will pass on this one.

thanks and am ordering now- CD price is much more palatable

(maybe we do need a TalkShopLive-only ongoing thread...)

The CD price is a steal. Thank you for sharing

Thank you for posting.  Just ordered through Talk Shop Live

Ordered the vinyl as it is $15 cheaper than their own site. Thanks for posting 

Talkshop raised the prices for cd and vinyl

Wow, that is crazy.  I didn't know that Talk Shop did that.  Glad I locked it in at the 34.99 price 

Cant trust anyone these days.. a retailer should sell at retail prices period. The autograph should be a promotional item.  they are taking cues from premiere Collectables now. Its an art card.. if they are going to try this stunt, get rid of all art cards.. sign the actual LP... 

Gave up on Premeir being fair price after the Sipreme signed book for $20 then they caught on she died and raised the price to $100. Little Big Town was fair on the past signed cd but not on the new one. So passed on their new one. Was thinking get Talkshoplive price but not now with this BS



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