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 I swear,  ever since the Dolly Parton mess,  you have all these people coming in here now saying every autograph is  fake LOL 

The Lizzo booklet/art card shown in this thread is real; however the tape is not. Thats why her label gave me a refund with no explanation. They could of denied or confirmed.. but they didn’t. And tracing on plastic tape isn’t hard..specially a signature like Lizzo’s.

Well this is truly understandable, DB.  I finally got a label from Chronicles to send that box of garbage back.  Paying 350 bucks for an autopen really sucks. Fortunately I was able to open up a fraud dispute with my credit card even though it was over 6 months and my cost was conditionally refunded.  This is thanks to this site's subscribers who said to that they got refunds from credit card after the 60 day period.  Well after further investigation for a FRAUD DISPUTE not just a transaction dispute,  it is up SIX MONTHS.  Still, DB, this was a bit hassle, with the phone calls and the documentation back and forth with HACHETTE and Chronicle and the credit card.  Time is money not to mention the aggravation of knowing that Dolly Parton and her team, whom ever, chose to defraud some of her biggest fans.  I am very disappointed with this experience and I really understand why OT is questioning autographs.  

Sadly a high number of Autographs coming onto the market through reputable companies are Fake.... 

Dolly Parton, Van Morrison, Tears for Fears, Lovato, Lana Del Rey, Bieber,, Ariana Grande,  Ozzy Osbourne, Elton John

and that's just the first few of a large list of recent fake or autopenned that spring to mind!

I thought eltons xmas ones were good?

We won’t really ever know to be honest. I would say they are good or at the very least most of them are good. I think they are fine though

I wouldn't dump Elton in with the rest of those artists. I personally think they are good. A few rejected by jsa or whoever doesn't make me doubt them. They get stuff wrong WAY too often. 

I'm not so sure the lizzos are bar either. Their customer support team probably has no idea either way. 

All the Elton signed CD cards were 100% authentic. Elton didn’t need to sign any and sure would not do pre-prints or autopen items.

What website did you buy them on?

I don’t know why I couldn’t find this lol. Thank you!

Just arrived - art card signed in gold.

Damn, i wish i got that instead of the "tape" version that randomly showed up at the house I don't even live at anymore last week. At least it was free since they refunded me since they said it was not available.


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