Lot of Michael Jackson signatures... real or fake? (Forger Erick Oswaldo McKay, Erick Mckay Burgos) marc-at2014, always-4-fun, bluelifesaver, disneycolector eBay names

Hope I'm asking this in the right section...
I've recently bumped into this person's little collection of MJ sigs...


My concern is that all those sigs look too similar... I'm thinking they're signed by the same person, but I'm stumped as to if they're really Michael.

Thank you for any opinions/help in advance.

MODERATOR NOTE:  All of Erick McKay Burgos' art folders on Deviant Art have been removed by him after being outted here.  They were screen captured before his removal and are listed below.   Please use them to reference as you read through this thread.

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Good work Austin.

Thanks, its sad he’s been doing this for 10 years 

This sold for $104

Another Erick fake April 15 2024 Michael Jackson signed Dangerous CD Michael Jackson autograph Dangerous receipt

  • Michael Jackson signed Dangerous CD Michael
    Jackson autograph Dangerous receipt
  • Up for sale I have this 1993 Michael Jackson
    "Wherehouse" receipt signed by Michael.
  • The receipt says DAMAGED ITEM but nothing is wrong with it.

• Booklet (CDS) is complete, and CD plays just fine.

• Will ship free ONLY WITHIN THE USA.


Sold for 89.99 best offer excepted 

One of Erick’s fakes has fooled PSA encapsulation.

   Very well spotted! Great work. 

  Bluelifesaver on ebay: Fake-signed 'We are the World' cassette liner notes and fake-signed photo page from a book / magazine. Both offered starting at $150 together.


Michael Jackson signed Michael Jackson autograph 1985 we are the world &poster!

2 items being sold as a combo.
A 1985 Cassette tape of we are the world (signed on the info booklet) Tape is in near immaculate condition.
A large page measuring around 13X11 signed with gold marker.
Both pieces were signed by Michael Jackson.

This sold for $152.50

  Another 'Erick' being sold by a collector, offered at $5,000.


Original Michael Jackson Drawing Your Chance To Own A Piece Of MJ History W/COA

This is a rare 11” by 8” inch piece of music memorabilia featuring the legendary Michael Jackson. The item is an original drawing on paper, showcasing the King of Pop's creativity and artistic side. The drawing is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring its originality and value.

The piece is perfect for collectors and fans of Michael Jackson, specifically those interested in his music and artistic endeavors. It is a unique item that provides a glimpse into the mind of one of the most iconic pop culture figures of all time. Bid now and own a piece of music history.

  Erick as 'bluelifesaver' on ebay selling this fake signature currently at $129.95 with one bidder.


Michael Jackson autograph Michael Jackson signed

  • Authentic Michael Jackson autograph, measuring around 12X9.5
  • Free shipping within the USA only.
  • One day only auction without no reserve.

  Another fake offered by 'bluelifesaver' on ebay com, this circus certificate starting at $89.95.


Michael Jackson signed Barnum & Bailey autograph Ringling Bros. Circus

Very rare piece of music history, authentic Michael Jackson signed Barnum & Bailey autograph Ringling Bros. Circus.
Measuring around 9X11 inches.


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