what do you think? Are these real or fake Madonna autographs?


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No. No. Likely not. In my humble opinion.

are you looking at buying these?

What's the story behind these?

Part of a collection 

Guess one way is to ask Madonna herself lol 

I have a better solution. There is a member here named Kamran. Knows Madonna's signature better than Madonna herself. Look him up. Friend him. A you will get the answer you seek. Kamran is the best on Madonna.


The first and second examples are very bad IMO

I'll leave the 3rd example to Kamran

That's exactly how I see it as well, goodcat. And number three is quite questionable to me as well. But, it's close enough that I would want Kamran to take a look.

Many thanks for your time on this :-)

Have these in my collection so it’s good to know :-)

i have never thought this one is real attached but I do believe the 3rd one mentioned is.  

Can't say I like this one at all

But as Joe mentioned, I would want Kamran to voice his opinion on any Madonna

Yo Gents...….thanks for the heads up......none of these 3 are real......the closest is the Virgin lp...but they r all fake

awesome timing

good to see you saw these


Yo GC45...No worries......anytime anyone needs me or my opinion....just send me a message direct on here..and  I get the heads up thru email...no worries....Just holdfire on paying for anything ok that you may not be certain on.....most will unfortunately be fake going by last few years.....but there r real ones out there...



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