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I think the days of having a chance at getting a nice full signature are largely over, but here's the preorder link from Newbury.


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Yeah the last album a large batch of the cds arrived late and she signed the cd booklets seperately they shipped booklets out to the USA  and back and we got the cds on time and the signed booklets about 2 months later they were horrible aswell black pen half arsed on a black and white background ,had she signed the cd they would have been marginally better 

UK store has signed art card bundlesLike Canada but im giving them a miss, we all know what squiggle were going to get 

Looks like I'll be meeting her again in a couple weeks for a record store signing. Last time I met her was 2018, so I'm looking forward to this.

Where is she doing a record store signing?

Oh nvm, I see it's in Chicago, have a good time!

Looks like she's adding more in-stores to the mix. Newbury is having a signing with her the day before. I suspect others will follow.

Maybe she'll do a NYC one, I already bought one from Banquet bought it would be cool to see her in person :)

Surplus of signed vinyl at Banquet. Looks like she did the signing this week before flying to the States.


Did anyone’s personally signed show up? Mine shipped weds but not here. Assume it’s just the MR as usual but there’s a nice full sig on eBay.

There's only one extra signed vinyl from Banquet Records!

I thought about it, but I just cant pay for initials. So disappointing. And pretty easy to fake as well for our friends on the secondary market. 

And I realize the “signature” is free, technically!

even Banquet Records are now bemoaning the state of her signature… nice to see someone accept there’s a difference between signed and initialled!

She did a great job on my vinyl of writing my name out, a lyric from a song I like, but I still just got the initials!



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