Not sure if these are authentic or not. Any help is appreciated thank you for your help.

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Negative on all.
What is the tell? Thanks
Avoid. Those aren't even good forgeries.

I wouldn't touch any of them

Since I am learning what are the signs to look for that make them fake? Thank you for your help.
I myself am just starting to learn what to look inexperienced opinion is the first Mantle, I see "bananas" ...the second one..."Milky Mautle"?

They are known mass-produced cookie cutter fake styles, so to trained eyes, they are obvious.

The first thing to notice is the Mantle in blue and the DiMaggio are slowly penned. Not smooth and flowing like a natural signature. Instead they look "heavy" and methodical. Subtle signs of shakiness and hesitation.

The Mantle in black is badly distorted and looks oddly warped. Slant and pressure are way off. 

Thank you for educating us un experienced. ....every little bit helps
Thank you Steve. Appreciate the lesson. Every little bit does help. Definitely need to educate myself more on this.

if you look at PSA or JSA certed Mantle's and Dimaggio's, and study them, at some point, the forgeries will become evident.  it does not require a technical detail of mistakes, you will just get used to the flow and shape of the authentic versions. Most of the legitimate TPA's get these two correctly. That would include SGC and Beckett.

Learning autographs takes time.

It does not happen overnight.  

99% of Mantle forgeries can be opined in one second when your "eye" finally puts together everything.

Those are the only two responses you needed.

Please be patient.  You're getting free opining of the items you post.



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