I have this glove that is filled with HOF signatures but the preservation and quality of the bold clear signatures is what amazes me most.  I personally have never seen something like this.  I suspect it has something to do with gloves being less appealing.  Do you feel that this piece is worth less or more because of the abundance of signatures?  Would it be worth more if it was just Mantle and DiMaggio, for example?

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They're beautiful signatures, and it's a very nice piece. You'd think, the more signatures, the more value it would bring. But personally, I just don't know. I'm sure someone in here can give you more of a concrete answer. By the way, can I ask??  What's the price tag on the glove?

Thanks for your thoughts, John.  Not looking to sell this piece. I acquired it years ago and made sure to keep it well preserved.  My only regret is that it does not include a Ted Williams.

typically signed gloves are less appealing because of the uneven signing surface, thus affecting the quality of the signature. Plus many of the signed gloves are "used", dark and old.

this one is pristine, and it is a Wilson A2000, which is a high quality, major league quality glove.  All things considered, I believe the value is higher as is, than it would be with just Mantle and Dimaggio.  This is a really cool piece.

thanks terrier.  Your perspective makes a lot of sense. You are right about the condition.  I have always been amazed by its pristine condition.  The person that I acquired it from definitely knew how to acquire, preserve and maintain quality signatures. Although I have zero interest in selling the piece, can I ask your opinion on a fair market value?

One word:  Wow!!!

So cool!!!

that's 3 words Chris!  LOL

Daniel, it is difficult to put a value on an item like this.  I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Thanks terrier.  Like they say, it is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it!

I paid $1500 about five years ago for it so at least I am happy to see that you guys share the same sentiments about the piece.

Thanks Chris!

I think that is a very fair price, and depending on the potential buyer, you could probably get more.

Guys, would you sell this on ebay or go with heritage or goldin?



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