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This has zero chance of being authentic. 

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I wouldn't have thought so. 

You should try with 20 yrs experience.

If you feel you have a legitimate reason to believe the ACOA example isn't authentic, you are better to reach out directly to the source. 

I think call out culture and bashing legitimate companies without giving them a chance to rectify the situation is damaging to the hobby. I think everyone forgets that authenticators are human and they can get things right 99 times, but people remember that 1 time they make a mistake. The question is how do they handle their mistakes? That is a measure of both a TPA and a seller.  

To be transparent I am friends with Justin. I don't work for ACOA, but I know how hard he works and the effort he puts daily in this hobby.  

I personally alerted him of this situation and he is looking into it. I would suggest following up at team@autographcoa.com. 

If he wants me to review his samplers, please let me know. 

Message him at the email above and let him know. 

I've sent them an email. I will update you when i get a reply 

That's great! 

Adam, I agree that ACOA would have wanted the feedback but they're unusual. The typical TPA response to feedback is crickets.

Agreed, most aren't as receptive. 

Thanks for trying.

I've just contacted a Marc Bolan family friend. I asked him if Bolan's brother is still alive or if he still has contact with Gloria and Roland. Failing that i will have to sit on it for another person familiar with Bolan's signature to come along 

If the information is that few and far between I don't think we can say anything 100%.

Here are some of mine



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