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This has zero chance of being authentic. 

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Can you comment on these signatures? The information I have about the item is a few pages back where it was first posted.

"...I can see where this is going...."

Self-fulfilling and presumptuous IMO. Short sighted too. If you did not read these forums you and/or many others might not have heard of those Bowie fakes.

Yesterday I discovered that the person selling the OP is an ACOA consultant (Roland Brodner )and it was authenticated by his colleague and friend. I suppose you are happy with that conflict of interest

I fully understand by questioning ACOA i would be swimming in a piranha pond. 

I fully realise your intention is to discredit me and whatever i come up with won't be enough. To say that I'm disgusted is an understatement.

Furthermore, the seller is selling this Bowie.

Eric didn't like it

If ACOA consultants gave opinions on autographs they submitted, I would have a problem with that.

"...I fully realise your intention is to discredit me...

I have NO intention of that Mikex.

I told Steve I'm prepared to move on with this. I had my say and didn't want to rock the boat any further. Now you are forcing my hand.

And what hand is that? You are off course now.

What i meant was i wasn't going to comment further on this post. I was prepared to move on. I asked Steve if he thought i should move on. 

This is his profile on ACOA and a link to his eBay shop. He mentions he is a RACC trusted seller but doesn't mention he is an ACOA consultant. That would be a strong selling tool on eBay. He probab realised it would come across as a conflict of interest. Also, when i spoke to Justin about the OP he didn't mention it was being sold by one of his consultants - funny that!

I posted a section of the OP in the RACC fakebook page. Ten minutes later i was banned - Funny that!

Furthermore, on the ACOA website it says ACOA is recommended by RACC. It doesn't mention ACOA own RACC - funny that!


I must say that Mikex does have a very valid point about what appears to be a conflict of interest here regarding this cert. and eBay selling account.  That's regardless of if the actual autograph is real or not, imho. 

Thanks for commenting. I do appreciate someone different sharing their views 

If RB was consulted for an opinion on his submission that would not be OK. PSA, JSA, and BAS make sure their experts don't. I'd be surprised if ACOA doesn't make sure they don't either.


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