Depending on how many he can sign, this one might go quickly. So don’t hang around!

100% authenticity from the wonderful Banquet Records.

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Thanks. In for a deluxe CD and Transparent red vinyl 

Thank you, picked one up for myself!

I ordered one in the United States and it went through and then after the fact I saw it was available to only those in the UK. If anyone has experience with Banquet in the past, how soon should I expect a cancellation?

Damn, I totally missed that too.  First line in the description too.  I ordered from the US too.  Fingers crossed that it goes thru, was really looking forward to the singed red LP.  

We might be fine since our orders have already went through. Out of curiosity I just tried adding another copy and it is now not letting me continue with the transaction saying it’s for UK customers only. Maybe they had a few available for worldwide customers or maybe it’s a glitch and they will still end up canceling it, regardless I am feeling a bit more optimistic about it now.

Got two emails that my order is being prepared for shipping so seems all is ok 

It won't let me proceed with the order.

I just ordered other items from Banquet a few days ago...  why some items are restricted to the UK and others are not doesn't make much sense. If we're willing to pay the postage, than ship it. Lol

His autograph looks a bit lazy, he looks proud of it though......

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Believe it or not, that’s actually a slight improvement! I picked up this signed CD from Banquet last time they played there, as a band (Marcus’ signature in the bottom right)

I’ve decided I’m not interested in lazy initial signatures any more. If they want my money they have to make some sort of effort. If Rick Astley and Joss Stone can do it, they all can!

Me too.... the older acts seem to care about providing a good autograph - sex pistols, blondie, adam ant, Spandau, garbage, sleeper, blur,  manics.....the way some sign seems so disrespectful and entitled .... #garybarlow #littlemix 

Their signatures have progressively gotten worse with time.

Up until 2012 or so, they were pretty decent. If you look at some of the earlier signed limited LP's like The Cave (2009), they had pretty nice autographs. I've always found it interesting that the guys never sign their last names. I can't recall an item where they've ever done so.... is that a UK thing? 

I'd be surprised if Marcus signed all of these as nice as the one he's holding up in your photo. 



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