Any opinions on this one, sold by Sue and Mark Autographs? I know they're UACC, just wondering.

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I would not buy this - very poor contrast. Frame it and step back and it won't show. Not seen anyone cover so much of what they are selling with such a logo before.

this is not what you want when you want her autograph. just look at ''celebrity authentics auction'' and you could get one full autographed with coa photo proof for a reasonable price. 

Hi Rob,

I just thought that was her sig - these days abbreviated initials etc. seem to be a norm. If she signs fully than this REALLY must be avoided. Even at the nice discount it should receive it's still not any kind of item to collect IMO.

I agree with the other members.  You can definitely do better than that one.  Best of luck, Jack.  Please keep us posted.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I agree with you Eric in that the contrast does kinda ruin the piece. And thanks Rob, I'll be sure to check around for something better. I'll keep you posted. 

as i mentioned to jack to look at the ''celebrity authentics auction'' you could end up with a signed photo of her with photo proof coa. it's up to the bidder what you like to pay but for you in the us much cheaper than for us in europe because i have to pay high shipping + taxes. i won this 11x14 photo of margot and many other celebritys over the last few months for very reasonable prices. there is a auction right now that ends on saterday with a more than a few margot robbie signed. 

Night and day...on two different planets! Very nice Rob - placement, contrast etc.

I did some looking around on Celebrity Authentics and personally I don't feel comfortable purchasing from them. I have read a LOT of negative stuff about them not only on the forum, but also from others who've dealt with them I know from elsewhere. One thing someone pointed out to me is that many of their autograph "proof photos" have identical headshots, poses, etc. It does seem a bit off to me. Idk if this is a legitimate authenticity concern, but any opinions on them that are generally positive I'd be interested to hear.

Are you specifically looking for a photo? I have a Margot Robbie signed I, Tonya vinyl. It was autographed before being shrink wrapped. They pop up on ebay from time to time and sell for about $100. They have very nice full clean signatures. It could be a good option for a cheap authentic signed full signature if you are not picky about the item she signed. 

There aren't any for sale currently but here's an example of one that sold a few months ago

My preference would be a photo, as that's what I pretty much always collect autographs on. I've seen some of these vinyls in the past but they have never really caught my interest.  As much as I would like a full signature I would probably want it on a photo, even if it isn't her complete name. I guess I'll just have to wait and see, and keep looking around.

you thought celebrity authentics make hundreds of photo's from each photo a celebrity is signing? for me celebrity authentics is the number one in private signings and never had doubts about authenticity. it's better to doubt all those itp holograms and coa's without any proof but it's up to you what you feel. 


I do very much doubt in those hologram COAs and such with no proof from obscure eBay sellers. All I'm saying is that I find it a bit odd that Celebrity Authentics proof photos all have the same headshots for the signers for the proofs for each item. And there's a lot on the forum about their history with Gridiron and even though the two have separated, I'm just not as really confident as I'd like to be in them, that's all. I usually only buy from a few dealers I know pretty well from the RACC or such, unless the signer is a bigger name as is the case here. I'm not saying I think Celebrity Authentics is selling fakes, I just like to be sure before spending any large amount of money on them with no previous dealings with them. That's all.

And I'm sure I'll know the right find for me when it's introduced into the market.



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