Is this an example of an older Rivera signature? It looks nothing like anything I have seen before.

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That's authentic...that's a very early Rivera hand style from the mid to late 90's...I own one my self and will post it up tomorrow to compare to...his early autos also had a slight right lean to them where his current auto now has more of a left lean...the Mariano stayed basically the same with a few tweaks to it but his last name has changed several times over the years...mostly with his "R" style and the conjoing letters....I will post samples on Thursday...
Thanks Cee Gee, its kind of what I thought. looking forward to seeing your samples.
These are Riveras auto style from his rookie year up until 2003....notice the distinct leans...early on it was a right lean...more currently a left lean in his signature
notice how Riveras last name style has changed since seems mostly his changes are in his last name....all autos I have posted are 1000% authentic...3 I got in person...
he truly is an extremely fan friendly guy
another in 2 person auto example...Rivera always seems to change his auto style about every 2 is a paid signing were it is more neat and the ticket is a free rushed auto my brother got the same time I got the Pettitte Rivera signed ball
GAI FAKES !!!!!!!!
Also dont ever ever ever purchase a Rivera auto from GAI...there ALL forgeries...I have never seen an authentic one yet !!!!!
Great signatures, Cee Gee, thanks for sharing them.  GAI should be banned, their sticker actually devalue an autograph even if its legit. I have refused to bid on items that appear to be legit if they have a GAI sticker, even if its a bargain.
Wise move. They do cast doubt even on the rare authentic item.
Nice set of Mariano Rivera exemplars, Cee Gee.  Personally, I am more partial to Mariano's early autograph.  It has real appeal and sincerity in my opinion.

As CEE GEE stated, this is 100% real. The forgers tend to imitate his more recent style. In fact, I look for this style signature to add to my collection. If it was little less expensive, I would be all over that ebay auction.


Here is a ball I got signed in-person at a Yankee Fanfest in in January or February 1996.


another real early Rivera...notice the little hook in the ''A'' in the first part of his name...and that rightward lean...I have noticed that in some cases...a good sign to look for on a vintage Rivera
more early examples notice the hook ''A'' once again and the NOT so bubbly "R" and more straight up lettering and tighter loops in the "M"...all early examples from the 96-99



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