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I would love members opinions as to

the authenticity of these signed Marilyn 

Monroe picture?

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You got it.

"Is it some kind of weird overlay they printed onto the photo?"

Though seeing it in person would be a better way to gauge, yes; it does appear so.

I'm home now so I can view this on a larger screen. The autograph was stamped on the photo.

I knew someone would figure it out. This was being offered as genuine some time ago from a German seller.

This is a category in itself, stamped photos. Something I haven't come across before, have you?

It all makes sense now. Thus it being anachronistic, as you say Woody, perfect. Thanks everyone! :)


Can you move this thread to the official MM group

This is a very important thread and should be classified accordingly imo

I do have inputs on the last few images but am reserving comments until I am sober from my Packers loss lol

Sorry, Goodcat, forum discussions can't be moved to blogs.



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