Hello Friends,

I have just got Marilyn Monroe signature from recent RR Auction yesterday after waiting for 3 years. It is a bit faded but the price is quite reasonable (at $1,278 included BP) compared to previous auction. So I am wondering if the price is a good deal. 

Your kind comment on authenticity and price of this signature would be appreciated. 



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its real no worries

Thanks Kamran
Any other opinion?

what do you mean?

I guess about the fading.

I must confess it would bother me a bit but at $1050 you cannot argue too much. 

Yes, it's far less than it would be for a nicer autograph.

well for $1000 that's not a bad signature of MM....on a signed photo you are looking at $5000 - $20,000......so u got a good deal....just keep it away from the light to prevent anymore fading

Did you buy it from R&R directly. Were you the winning bidder at R&R. It shows that piece sold for $1,278.90 with the buyers premium. Or did it now sell and you bought it from consignor. Or did you it from the winner. Asking as I am curious if you can buy items from them if they don't sell although in this case it looks like it sold. 

Hi DP,

Yes, I am the winning bidder at RR. The price included buyer's premium was up to $1278. 

Congratulatons on winning an auction for one after looking for 3 years.

Thanks so much, DP

I wonder if the condition is partially due, in addition to the skipping, to some reaction between the ink and what appears and album page perhaps high in sulfur. I believe that sort of self destructive paper can be dealt with by a conservator to some degree and the degradation slowed down if not stabilized.  It does not appear to have been framed extensively from the toning and appearance. Desirability with extreme celebrity and condition issues is tough - I have seen items refused for auction in conditions much better than this. I don't consider this "average" condition, or perhaps I don't like the word "average" as it is a bit wide in my opinion. Perhaps some view the condition of the item as signed, separately, in other words if pens skipped so be it - condition as signed ...does it matter if the market prices and pays accordingly? This seems about 1/2 the cost of a less than twice as good signature from a quick look...on the other hand some at $2300 are much more visible/appreciable. At $1300 I don't quite know how I feel about this.  I think a different matting and framing job, perhaps cream mat-work with a touch of gold leaf in a light, washed oak frame popular at that time, just might be able to squeeze a bit more out of this.


PS - I meant the degradation of the paper might be halted, not the fading undone etc.




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