The below "Marilyn Monroe" signed check was sold by Ebay seller Ralphizzle4444 for $760.00.

Hopefully the members here who are knowledgeable with her signature can opine on this.

I am only into sports autographs as you all well know, but I am curious about this because the final winning bid seemed too low for a Marilyn Monroe.

Also observe that it is only a half-check, not a full check.

Ebay seller Ralphizzle4444 writes:

"Up for Auction is a part of an amazing collection of Autographs that were purchased during the mid to late 1980's through the late Al Rosen aka "Mr. Mint."

I can't imagine Alan Rosen owning this "piece."

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No, that is a forgery. It's a try. They must have really messed up the rest of the forgery, so they just cut the cheque in half. I used to see blank cheques from her estate for sale and I wondered why people buy them. I guess there is only one purpose . . .

Thank you very much, Pauline.

So someone wasted $760.00.

Thank you again.

Hi Christopher

They sure did. The price reflects the doubt. If in doubt, it's really worth 0

Below is a link to another forged item sold by Ebay seller Ralphizzle4444.

Here's a forged Christy Mathewson sold by Ebay seller Ralphizzle444 for $515.00.

The forged baseball items sold by Ebay seller Ralpizzle4444 were all penned by the same hand.

Check out this crap by Ebay seller Ralphizzle4444.

Forged Babe Ruth baseballs.

All Coach's Corner garbage.

Name: RalphizzleRuth-1.JPG Views: 0 Size: 39.6 KB

Here’s an authentic Morrison signature that was used as an example followed by ralphizzle4444’s $100 special.

Ralphizzle4444 is back to selling more junk like that "Morrison."

These people have no conscience.

wow this is awful! Throw this person in jail!!!



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