Mark david chapman signed , Lennon lp for sale for 1.5 million.

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It´s strange case - somewhat "morbid" to sell / buy such an item. It´s more about historic autograph than "music" autograph.

I´m actually shocked that someone who supposed to found it at the place of such a horrible crime is actually considered as "owner" of the item and he even got it back from investigators after closing the case.... Suspicious story. I know that it´ll sound even worse and even more shocking, but in my opinion it´s still Chapman who should be considered as "legal owner" of the piece.....

We have laws that state, your not allowed to profit from proceeds of crime, so if Chapman was the owner he wouldn't be able to sell it and make money.

This was so long ago it may have preceded such laws.

I've held the album several times....VERY powerful!!!

I think I would destroy this LP. :/

It's still a piece of history....and an important part as it...or hate it. It's  a part of The Beatles story...

Be better if someone wasn't trying to profit of the lp.

I think it should be up to John Lennon's sons as to what happens to this item. If they want to burn the damn thing, i say flame on.

Hi Travis,

I was speaking me for alone. I agree wholeheartedly.

More of a museum piece than a collector's item. It doesn't seem like it should be for sale, and I think the market might be somewhat limited by what it represents.



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