The selling is including a Beckett letter of authenticity and there is a Beckett hologram but I'd love to hear any second opinions.


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To each their own, I guess.

Bad M, wrong swoop to the H which doesn't line up to the A, long upstroke finish to the L, when 99% of Mark's signatures end on a straight down L.

Even the inscription JEDI KNIGHT, isn't Hamill's usual over large Capital first letter followed by smaller capital letters in the remainder of each word.

There is nothing right about this.

Maybe the BBoys were watching him sign as his plane flew through turbulence in between Mark throwing up and having a seizure?   

Do you think that could be due to the limited space present on the saber or is he consistent with those?

I have seen him sign sabers, saber blades, trading cards, loose action figures, you name it.

If you see any item with that many problems....I'd run away no matter who issued the paperwork.

Even if it was authentic, kind of a a lame choice of inscriptions.

I'm with Ian and Pete on this, and I know much less about Star Wars autographs than they do. I always recommend staying away from bad examples, especially expensive ones. 

I'd ask the seller who got this, when and where and what documentation of the event/signing he has. That would be the only reason I'd even consider this at any price, let alone $900.

I'll keep that in mind!


It just looks like some kid signed it. Not my cup of tea, but to each his own.

I would not be interested in adding that Mark Hamill autograph to my collection.

I know I saw this posted somewhere before seeing it here... maybe Twitter? I thought the owner was claiming it was signed at FaxExpo in Dallas in March, but I may be misremembering. When I first saw it, I thought it had issues, but chalked it up to being autograph #1,500 he signed that day.

In any case, even if it is authentic, it's a dented can. Why pick a dented can when there are so many others on the shelf?

A perfect analogy... if I ever heard one.

I believe the opening post has a 'good signature" but man its ugly and kills it for me by looking nothing like a regular Hamill. Shame, the saber itself is a nice one and probably not cheap. Must be a better marker they could use for those.



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