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Signed Booklet only but you can add the cd for $9.99 so still a good deal

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Thank you!

if you add two to your basket it gives you the second free - just paid $20 for 2 shipped to the UK - bargain! 

No cd?? hard pass, that is ridiculous LOL 

Actually, they were giving the free signed booklet with anything ordered so if you bought the cd for $9.99 you would have gotten the signed booklet free which is a steal. but looks like it sold out already anyway

Thanks a lot!!! Got one

too late:(

That example one looked like s***. No thanks

A nice gift before Christmas. My order arrived. I had paid $9.99 (plus just under $10 for shipping to Germany), no CD, but two signed booklets (unlike what I thought, not in a smudged gold, but a "clean" signature). Thanks for posting!

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These look good, fellow German! ;)

Not her Christmas signing but her signed new kids book


Where are these available?

Sorry didn’t put where got at

Barnes & Noble

555 5th Ave

New York. NY

Mary J Blige had a book signing recently. I live in SC and called if had extra signed books. They did and did mail here. They about $20 + fees if got any left

Thank you! Just called the Fifth Avenue store and they're going to ship one to me. My daughter will love it.


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