May I get an opinion on this Alistair Sim signed photo, from A Christmas Carol? This is from the same seller that I am inquiring about the Anthony Hopkins photo. Thanks again!

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I believe this one is real.  Nice presentation as well!

Thanks again Eddy

A notorious non-signer.

In fact, someone posted recently about him that in response to a request for an autograph from a fan he retorted - "You can have my autograph or my respect". I am guessing that the fan shuffled off. What a sh#t!

As someone who grew up on St Trinian's I was very disappointed to learn that.

A potentially authentic example to compare with. I cannot vouch for it 100% but it is credible, alongside Margaret Rutherford's in an autograph album....You would have to be a genius forger to take on the latter.

Thank you, I agree. They are quite similar in structure. I appreciate your educated opinion

I heard the same about Sim, specifically that incident you cited. 

Here a couple of apparent in-person Sim signatures that I was comparing your photo with:

The first is from RRauction.

The second is from (excellent dealer, in my experience).

It's a small matter, but I think that "A" is nicely consistent.

Nice, even the exact same image has been pasted to the card


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