McCartney and Starr "Signed" Photo and Abbey Road LP from Probstein123 with PSA/DNA LOAs - Very surprising!

This is on eBay with a current bid of $820. Are these not "Southern California forgeries"?

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the McCartney certainly looks like one, Ballroom

I think that one is authentic, but not the one in the OP. It's surprising because the signatures in the OP are pretty typical examples of a common forgery style that has been around for quite some time.

that one isn't one of the s. california forgeries.  The one in the OP is.

Yup I agree after a second look

It's up to $1,250 with 9 hours left. Here are a couple more examples of the same forgery style:

The photo looks to be the "So. Cal" Forgers....

I totally agree and hope the buyer realizes this before it's too late. Thanks for chiming in Seamus, Terrier and Jim. 

Final Price: $1,583.88.

I was looking at Macca signed photos on eBay and came across this one, which also appears to be a SoCal forgery with a PSA/DNA COA. The asking price is $8,500.

Here's one that's currently on the Autograph Central website for $295.

PSA/DNA LOA for the top example:

holy moly those are near carbon copies of each other

Agreed, right down to the photo itself.




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