Hello everyone :)

I joined this forum because I have a very big problem I am trying to do something about and I was directed to this forum by an acquaintance who is a member and has seen the quality of investigation here. I was told you are brilliant, I need brilliant! 

Its quite a story so I need to lay down some backround information. 

I met someone 12 years ago who I believed to be a genuine stand up guy. He's a public figure within a special interest group and someone believed to be a military whistleblower. Three years ago my partner and I allowed him to sleep on our sofa for a few weeks, he was looking for a place to live, his landlord was a bad one, so he said. 

While staying with us (incidentally 3 weeks became 4 months) I became painfully aware of discrepancies in his narrative, not little ones, BIG ones. We also became very suspicious of the famous friends stories he would tell often, they changed too. 

He made some noise about an auction house ripping him off... Said they kept his goods. Turns out they'd collared him for a fake Dylan painting! Years had passed and thinking they were dodgy some of us made a noise and got his stuff back. 

He then produced a bag of papers, all scribbles and doodles, a few photos, Andy Warhol stuff, Jerry Garcia, lots of Lennon stuff. We urged him to sell something to the Beatles museum.7 miles away but he called them crooks, he'd never get value. I said so what? You have all this stuff, you can take a hit just to get your own place right?! Wrong. 

He then said he'd sold something for a few hundred, turns out he had sold a fake Lennon sketch for 10K sterling and  a leather jacket another 10K. He said nothing to us. My partner kicked him out. 

I found albums he'd left on our computer, photos of his collection. Every single thing of Lennons! All his glasses, hats, iconic gear, all allegedly given to him by Lennons uncle Charlie. 

So I started looking online and found lots of auctions all with this stuff in. Then recently an old friend of his contacted me, he's done this forever. He had a jacket given to him signed by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Vaughan was spelled Vaughn. The LOA from Martinez gor an.SRV cry baby guitar peddle is the same handwriting as the person who gave him it. The jacket was professionally analysed and was deemed a forgery. As it was a gift, no crime was committed. 

News article re fake Lennon sketch 


These links are to evidence files. Most recent first with certificate of forgery 




Original Blog re Lennon Sketch and forged photo


Original Blog re Stevie Ray Vaughan forged photos


The only evidence he has of him knowing these people are blatantly generated photos. 

If you're still reading, thanks. I am unfamiliar withhow everything works on the forum so the links will probably have to be copy pasted into your browser. 

Any advice, observations will be gratefully received. I have uploaded a few images of the autographs but I have so many it will take a while. 

Thanks in advance! 

Sacha :)

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+1. Marc's a great guy sometimes.


Can you point us to the last auction and give you details? Thanks

hey steve , sacha is spot on on this guy I just didn't know he was still opperating.

I did mention him to some alm people when looking for srv stuff  just not by name as its been so long  I thought he went away just like the guy who was faking the McCartney hofner back in the 90s.

I know jimmy v tried going after him this was years ago 

.to my knowledge back in the 90s he did srv very well

 did Dylan g dead and stones ,that's what I remember but his specialty and claim to fame was srv 

this guy did a great job of faking he new everyone in the industry.

Thanks for filling me in, Marc.

Hi Sacha,

What would you ideally like to do, or to have happen?

Hi Steve, Id like to be able to show that his signatures are fake, what the issues are, how we know its fake. He cant keep himself out of his activities now, he references himself in his LOAs when he's pretending to be other people. All if it leads back to him but I need to be able to show they are fake. I have approached numerous analysts who all want originals. I have asked if they can determine if the sane person wrote various pieces but it seems nobody even does that. 

He needs stopping. I know him inside out now. I'm writing a book about his activities but want more examples. Especially his most recent stuff. Both May Pang and Craig Hopkins will submit their evidence if I can kick start a legal investigation, so that's my goal. 

If I can show recent items that might happen.  I spoke to a retired chief inspector and counter intelligence officer two weeks ago, hes told me a few ways i can get the attention of the police. It depends on various things so I need a strong case visually/evidentially. 

Thanks :)

are u overseas am I correct or are u I the states

Hi Marc im in Liverpool in the uk

 So is Larry Warren. ;)

Ok this is his stuff... lots 12, 14, 15, 16,18,21,25,28 and 37


Thanks :)

Getting law enforcement in the US to do anything is extremely hard. Getting them to in the UK is easier. If anyone can do it Garry King can. Message me with your email and I'll connect you.

also, just a thought , but  its interesting to note that all of these 'valuable' items should be consigned to such a minor   auction house 

he burnt all his conections with the majors in the 90s with all his fakes as I said I thought he went away years ago




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