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Descriptions still say they are. Today is the actual release date so perhaps they had some held back or did have some overrun?

Edit: sold out now so assuming it was just some leftover stock.

For sure. Unless they didn't initially release them all. 

Exactly. They didn't sell all 1500 on pre order day. I'm sure they will pop up on garage sales too

Thanks for the post!

Apparently not shipping to Europe.

150 slipcase and deluxe version gone / sold out

Listing for $150 said they were signed and numbered. Probably a few they held back. 

Just got an email from Premiere stating that their signed copies are being downgraded to bookplate signatures.

That's what they were supposed to be

Is that why the email from Premiere states:

"We are working to get this title to you as soon as possible. In order to do so, we have transitioned from a flat-signed edition to a personal autographed bookplate edition with a Certificate of Authenticity."

I cancelled both of my orders.  I was planning on using the ones from Premiere as cuts. But given that they've been less than honest before about authenticity on a bookplate release they sent me, the fact that their COA is worthless, and there's no way to know what the bookplate will look like- it's a pass for me.  Too much money and too much risk.  I already have the slipcased, limited edition.  I can always make a copy from it to display (so as to not damage the book).

Because everyone wants a signed bookplate to receive these in hand a bit earlier.. lol.. remember, these statements are coming from "collectors ourselves" Ahahaha. Add it to the list, another reason why premiere can't be trused.

I'm still waiting for them to admit the Alicia Keys books they sent out were bad.  

And waiting 

And waiting

And waiting.



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