Hi guys, I would like to have your opinion about this MJ autograph which the owner is not providing me any documentation That confirms it is not fake. Thanks in advance for your time. 

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I cant go for that, no (no can do)

Doesnt have any of the normal things I look for in an MJ. 

Haha great one liner answer

I like ur style mate

I cant make a judgement on MJ because I don't really study him. But IMO, he has one of the coolest sigs in the music industry. So for just that plain reason alone, I want one. Better hit the books LOL

Well, Id be happy to help you out if you need it. Im pretty solid on early to late 80’s. 90s on gets a little tougher for me personally - prolly bc Ive seen so many fakes “authenticated” by TPAs that it gets hard to know up from down, lol


much appreciated

I'll put you on my speed dial

My opinion only

No way no how...not authentic!!!

hey this is turning into a catch phrase thread

maybe we can write a song by the end of it with some heavy wah wah distortion solo's ;) LOL

It’s tainted, love!  Not authentic.


Come fly with me


Thank you everybody for your opinions. I am not really professional in this matter and I am a big fan of MJ always wanted to have one autograph since I was young, almost about to pay for that one thinking how cool was looking like lol. Well I leave you here another pics of other items that same seller has, claiming also the legitimacy of them. Maybe you can share your opinions about it just to know if he sells all fake or what. So feel free to express your opinions. Thanks again guys! 


Also this ones



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