I’d like to get your opinions on this Michael Jackson autograph. The set seems to me correct, only the small loop after the “J” does not seem usual... Sorry about the wrong photo but the white background doesn’t make it easy.

Many thanks 

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Why is there even interesting in Michael Jackson anymore? The guy is obviously a child molester. 

Stop it. You are not a judge and the subject has no place here in this forum!

Wade Robson and James Safechuck are blatant liars which you will discover if you investigate.  There are so many inconsistencies in their stories that it’s laughable.

Michael Jackson was a kind, caring, compassionate man whose contributions to humanity’s betterment are matched by few people.

Michael Jackson was thoroughly investigated for more than 10 years, his home was raided without warning, and NOTHING incriminating was ever found against him.  

Long live the King of Pop!!

And btw, I don’t like this autograph either.

+1 :)

The rnb Josh,  the rnb.

Hey Josh, with all due respect, I rarely care what your blogs are about.

Does that mean you shouldnt be allowed to write them or post them on AL?

Of course not. Bc thats just my opinion. One of many. Just like yours on MJ. 

Stop baiting MJ fans into an argument that Steve has already stated once doesnt belong here on AL.


This is not the appropriate forum to discuss this matter. This group was made strictly for autograph related discussion. Please, let’s keep this civil. 

Josh, the man is not alive to defend himself against the latest "allegations".  All other allegations / charges he was found not guilty of.  

If you have this mindset with MJ, then under the same token, we shoulden't discuss Elvis who started dating Priscilla when she was 14, or Jerry Lee Lewis, who married his 13 year old cousin. This isn't the forum for this imo - this forum is for discussion about autographs and their authenticity. Lets stick to that. 

What happened with Jimmy savile's case he wasn't around to defend himself . I'm just asking not to start trouble.

I don't think that it's real.

Child molester yes or no
This is about the music of Michael, and I think that the subject Child molester has no place here in the forum :)

In my opinion, I believe the above Michael Jackson signature is Not Genuine

-The ‘M’ is off and is not as sharp as it usually is. 

-The ‘ichael’ is very messy and has no visible characteristics.

-The ‘J’ is not Michael’s usual three styles.

-The ‘ackso’ has not definition or visible characteristics. 

-This is an unusually big signature for Michael to put on his CD album. 

The closest authenticated signature I have seen to the above is this one:




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