Michael Jackson drawings (Miscell inc. 'Historic portraits' and 'Disney characters')

I'm noticing a sudden influx of MJ signed Michael Jackson drawings coming on to the auction market, which seem to share the common themes of either 'portraits of historical figures'  or 'Disney characters'.

Both of these themes are of course recognised from Michaels' drawings both at a young age and later in life, but it is interesting that so many new drawings are being released on to the market at the same time. 

Here are some current examples:


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  A well-known (ex Simon Parr-type) style of fake, this time apparently from Porto in Portugal. 

Postage cost is three times current offer price, which starts at $5.80.


Michael Jackson Signed Drawing Rare Original

Michael Jackson Signed Drawing Rare Original

Very good condition

Kristen Leigh Auctions (UK) still offering fake drawings via Lot Art, icollector etc.  These are some recent updates:

1. Blood on The Dancefloor

 2. Mickey mouse out on a stroll (gold boots) on icollector



 3. Frankenstein drawing


 A further drawing from debbibowma75 from Leeds on ebay uk .Currently bidding is at £14.49:


Michael jackson signed Drawing

Michael jackson signed Drawing. Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class Large Letter.

Beautiful signed drawing by Michael Jackson. This is not a copy! Lovely signed drawing for any MJ fan to add to thier collection.paper size is A4. There are few marks and a slight blue line a the bottom of the page. Overall condition is good for age .

The pink one is original, the eBay item is a copy of that autograph.

Brilliant observation Wascher!!!

 Seller debbibowma75 (Leeds UK) branching out into Mickeys...  This one currently at £19.50 with 2 bids.  (Maybe s/he thinks these Mickeys are also original and therefore worth copying. Hint: They're forgeries). 


Michael Jackson Signed Mickey Mouse Drawing Rare

Michael Jackson Signed Mickey Mouse Drawing Rare. Condition is Very Good. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class.

I am selling a beautiful rare picture drawn in coloured pen of Mickey Mouse dressed in Michael Jacksons Smooth Criminal hat doing a trademark move from the Smooth Criminal Dance.

This is an original not a copy
Michael Jackson has signed for a fan thanx so much! Love Michael Jackson in black felt pen .

This is a rare signed drawing , and looks beautiful framed, an amazing addition for any MJ fan to add to thier collection.  In excellent condition too .

 Another variation on the theme of fake MJ Mickeys from seller peque in Portugal (on ebay.com), starting at $10.  (See also 'Gold boots' Mickey on previous page.)

Michael Jackson signed drawing rare


Drawing Mickey mouse billie jean signed by Michael Jackson in very good condition 

I paid for this item and I have asked for a refund....

Have you been successful in getting a refund?  Please do let us know how you get on...

Lizzie, can you help me verify a few items on ebay? Thank you so much for your help.

the red sweater is from richard foassas



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