Just scanning Michael Jackson autographs on eBay - and see one that has a "Tracks" coa, from Paul Wane. I hope this coa is fake because the autographs def are.

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I suggest you contact Paul Wane at Tracks -- they'll tell you if someone forged their LOA.

Not only do you have to worry about forged sigs, but also forged certs?  What a wonderful hobby this can be

Hi Wascher, 

I'm the seller of this item and just saw this - removed the item for the time being. I can assure I did not manufacture the LOA from Tracks haha. I'm reaching out to Paul Wane and I'll send over a message to you as well to hopefully get this resolved. Thank you!

I went back and forth yesterday on your item trying to decipher if it was possibly a Secretarial  item or a forger signing unknowingly like a Secretarial item.

The Capitalizing of full words is often seen on secretarial items.  A 3 or 4 stroke E is also seen, where you usually see a one stroke capital E on MJ's real writing.


VS a couple of real photos signed.

MJ capitalizing an E 99.999% of the time looks like this:

The other thing off on your item is the Love  (note where the lower loop of the L sits and how stiff the L is on top)

Here is what Mj's Loves looked like throughout his career.  The lower L loop falls below the imaginary line we write on almost completely, and they have a flow to them vs the stiff upper L.

In secretarial sigs, they don't fall below the line fully like they should, sort of half way down.. but are not up as high as the item you have. They are stiffer on the upper part of the L, but not as stiff as yours either. 

Any way just some MJ info for you to look at, and will help you in the future. 

Just a note, almost all of the authenticators out there, right now (big names) are passing Secretarials as legit.  Unfortunately.

Sorry Mike, this sucks. But I had to point it out. I believe this originates from someone that did a couple of styles of MJ sigs, but in general they all had some common characteristics that weren't normally seen on real MJ's.  Here are a few for examples

Thanks a lot for the examples wascher, it's definitely an example I'll be looking out for now especially since it seems to be the exact same used by this forger as pointed out by Steve.

Could this have been printed on the shirts somehow? It seems incredibly unlikely to have two forgeries that are near exact matches. 


The autographs on the white and orange T-shirts are exactly the same.

Your correct Steve, I didn't realize I grabbed the same one twice, (same shirt, probably different lighting / sale)

OK, it has wrinkles in different places, and the color, so I thought it was a different shirt.



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