Hi - I 'm researching a massive collection of in-person signed photos belonging to an old Finnish music & concert producer/promoter. It includes hundreds of photos of various stars and bands who have visited Finland from the 1960's to the 2010's. The collection also includes a couple of scarce items which have not been got in Finland nor in-person but have been got with a manager's help or by some other way from the backstage/dressing room.

I'm kindly asking your help in researching this autographed Concert Guide (Gothenburg, Sweden in June 1988). The gentleman owing the collection worked with Jackson's Tour in Sweden and he had a change to work in the backstage area.

However, even if he saw Jackson in many occasions during the two concerts in Sweden and the rehearsals he never met Jackson in-person. He is having this autographed Concert Guide in his collection. It is a wonderful item with 12 pages full of all possible information (contact information, hotels, schedules etc.) related to organizing the concerts in Gothenburg.

This item was got by Michael Jackson's manager from Jackson's dressing room. Please, be kind and give your judgement about the authenticity of the signature.

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I don't think this is real, unfortunately. 

You'll get a number of different opinions on the MJs. This one has a number of things I like, but fine details that I don't. It looks like it could actually be printed, but I'm not familiar with all of his programs, etc.

I agree with Steve. This is not real.

Hi Tomi,

That's the same size as the other one. Can you take a larger one?

I don't think it's secretarial. They were never that close. Either MJ signed it or it's an actual forgery.

Sorry - added a wrong photo - I have just added the correct high res one. It is not a forgery as it comes from a very reliable source (not bought from a dealer, not from eBay, not received by mail etc.) and was personally given to the owner by Jackson's management. But of course it might be possible that it was signed by a tour manager or somebody else in his personnel. However - as you're mentioning Steve, as far as I know most of the secretarial ones are even not that close to Jackson's real autograph.

Hi - (I thought the photo would get bigger when clicking it). However, here is the high res version of it. It's not printed but signed in silver marker. It can not be autopen because got from the dressing room / back stage. But you feel it might be secretarial?

I don't think it secretarial. It has a lot a good characteristics, but many of the movements are jerky and the autograph rambles. Perhaps he was wired or stressed when he signed it.
Doesn't look like my real ones, sorry. The last half of Jackson is a mess.



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