I recently won this item on Julien's Auction and would like to get some opinions on the signature. I believe the signature is genuine, but of course I would like to read some of your opinions. What do you think? This was originally owned by Michael's personal physician, Dr. Steven Hoefflin. Judging from the release date of the newspaper and the signature style, I believe this might have been signed around 1984. 

Thank you all for your help,

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This looks much different than the OP to my eyes. From the catalog, on newspaper.

Forgers usually stick to one style, if the auction shows different signature styles than it should show at least some good signs? 

Im saying its atypical at least. 

I dont think authenticity should be based on close enough or explanations of being stoned. 

The one I just posted is what I would call typical MJ.

The only thing yours has going for it (to me) is that it was included in the same auction, no offense.

I would not accept that as an axiom.

Thank you Steve for the continued effort. I really appreciate all of your help! 

Interesting Terms. 1 year on attribution...condition reports are confidential etc. Not unheard of course...

I must be misunderstanding. What is the point of threatening to sue you for discussing a confidential condition report they state they don't stand behind anyway?

Some of the sketches being talked about shortly after MJ died from Hoefflin.  These items were the items that were in the auction (and are absolutely imo legit items)

The actual link no longer exists on the Sun site.  These were some of the items we dug up when researching.  The article is nearly 10 yrs old now.  The screen grabs are fro fan sites.

Here is a screen grab from a 2nd site with the date on it.

I should also add, he never did do a book on them either as he had planned (at least not that I know of)

Brett Livingstone-Strong photographed with copies of a few of the items that are catalogued as legit MJ pieces with the Jackson-Strong Alliance (a company that MJ and Brett created to catalogue his artwork).

You can see the same items are actually some of those that Hoefflin discussed not quite one month after MJ died in the articles with the Sun that I posted earlier today (art-work sold in the Auction)

I just looked through the Julien’s Auction catalogue again and I can say without a doubt in my mind all of the items listed were authentic and genuine. I honestly can’t see anything wrong with them. 

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