I need your opinions on this MJ autographed poster . Many thanks !

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Hi Thomas,

Please show the entire piece, too.


Here is another picture...

Many thanks 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

"Marcelo" aka Tony B was offering this piece for sale, and its a forgery. I personally believe he is creating these himself as he's the only source for this style forgery.  Here's the view I have it. 

This forgery is extremely dangerous. This is probably the closest forgery to an authentic Michael Jackson signature I have ever seen! 

Once you see them a few times, they are easy to spot.  I would like to ask you however, not to go into what you see that is wrong with them.  The forger of these watches and was part of our forum under multiple accounts.  When you spell out what is wrong with a forgery you tell them how to correct their mistakes. 

+1 not too much detail! :)

Thank you, Wascher. I can now definitely see what the forger keeps doing incorrectly after seeing the examples above. I will however not post my observations anymore. I will just simply give my opinions. Here’s another one to add to that collection above: 



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