Michael Jackson Specially Signed HIStory CD Booklet — Have You Seen One Before?

Someone emailed me a week ago with the following message:

"We ordered the cd "Michael Jackson" History many years ago.  Upon arrival, the CD booklet had a note stating the booklet was personally autographed by Michael Jackson.  I attached copies of the signature for your expert opinion

Images were attached, including one with a printed card the owner got with it that says:

"This CD booklet was personally autographed by Michael Jackson while on the set of the "Scream" short film. He wanted to sign many, many more, but with his very busy schedule, he was able to sign just a few.

"We hope you enjoy the surprise! Please call us so we know you received it! Ask for Joy at 1-800-737-4325. And thank you for being part of HIStory!"

The autograph looks absolutely real to me, although a bit unusual for 1995. Another person who knows Michael Jackson's autograph well agrees with me.

A couple of people who also know MJ well aren't as confident as I am. 

But here's the thing: no one I talked to has ever seen one of these before or heard of the note, and I searched for a half hour and couldn't find any online.

Have you ever seen one or heard of these?

What do you think about the autograph?

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That doesn't look real imo

In reference to the Michael Jackson signed HIStory Booklet, part of the 3LP HIStory Box Set, I do not know the provenance, if any, as this item came into my possession from a bulk purchase of vinyl records several years ago. I didn't even realize that the booklet was signed until recently. All I can say to those who doubt the authenticity of the signature is that the free flowing uninterrupted style bares a strong resemblance to many authenticated MJ signatures online, and if not genuine, was performed by a true artisan. I will admit that this signature does appear more horizontally compact than some other online examples, but otherwise the nuances of the individual letters (relative height, swirls, tails) are in strong agreement with other signatures published. It should be noted that there are also subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) differences in each of the many authenticated online examples. This is only to be expected as none of us sign identically every time. The Michael Jackson HIStory 3LP Box Set was always a valuable item in its own right. From memory of the order of U.S.$200 when released in 1995 and only increased from then on. Near mint copies such as this are currently asking upwards of U.S.$400 and as much as U.S.$1000 on eBay. It beggars belief that an imposter would chance his hand and risk damaging such a valuable item. I ask you to look closely (zoom in) at my pics, particularly the last photo which shows the signed booklet directly photographed without its plastic sleeve. This signature has been written very confidently and continuously, without wavering, breaks or hesitation. Lending further credence to authenticity is the fact that it is signed in gold marker, as often used (almost a trademark) in Michael Jackson commercial launches. In summary, if this is a forgery, it has been performed by an expert who taken the trouble to use the right pen, who has had the confidence to overcome the risk damaging a valuable item, and who indeed has had the ability to produce a signature of this exactness.

I have now taken the time to present several pieces of circumstantial evidence together with actual photographs supporting authenticity. I would be pleased to know your credentials and hear your actual reasons why you feel the signature is not authentic, rather than just "That doesn't look real imo" or "hello, Not Authentic in my Opinion".

Finally, does anyone know the best place to have MJ signatures authenticated? I have been led to believe that there are only 2 or 3 places in USA that are actually accredited (Licenced by MJ estate) and that unless officially accredited any Certificate of Authenticity is merely speculative. However I do not know if this is true. I would welcome opinions.

Kind Regards, Michael Calder


There are no authenticators accredited or licensed by the MJ estate. You'd go to one of the industry respected authenticators Roger Epperson (REAL) does music alone, and there are respected general authenticators BAS, ACOA, JSA, and PSA/DNA.

hello, Not Authentic in my Opinion

Please see my reply to Phil Connor above.

yes i have read it i agree with Steve 100%, in my opinion it is definitely not Mj handwriting.
I would save the money to send it to an authenticator.

This is definitely not real IMO, sorry. The letter shapes and connections between the letters are off. There are too many characters. There's no smooth, natural flow. It does not look close to a real MJ to me. 

Thank you Steve for your reply. It is ironic that your concerns regarding the letter shapes and connections are the very reasons that I believe the signature lends itself to authenticity. It just goes to show the delicate nature of verifying signatures and the contrasting viewpoints of observers. Nevertheless I respect your credentials and experience in these matters. I appreciate your comments notwithstanding that they were not what I was hoping to hear.

Michael Calder 

Not authentic.



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