Hi guys,

I was hoping to have more experienced than my own opinions on the attached Michael Jordan 'Best Wishes' inscribed basketball.

The are several images on the net of MJ signing items with 'Best Wishes' including other basketballs, and in forums including this one:


There are 2 x PSA authenticated 'Best Wishes' basketballs pictured in that link.

The only red flags I have are that this seller has several MJ autographs for sale (others currently available not inscribed with 'Best Wishes') and also in the past i can see he has sold a different 'Best Wishes' inscribed MJ signed ball, however I can no longer see the details of that listing, only the picture, came across it by accident. I included a screenshot of the one previously sold, however it is not that clear.

The is a letter from the fan who had it signed detailing where and when (1990's @ UNC Football event) however that is worth as much as the paper it was handwritten on.

In my opinion if it is a forgery it was a very skilled forger and one of the better ones I've seen. Would love to hear more knowledgeable people weigh in.

Thanks all

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This is genuine, imho.  The “Best Wishes” is spot on, and the Jordan autograph looks consistent for the time period.

Thank is for taking the time to reply James, appreciate it.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

You have a great clean Mikey. Congrats.

Hi all,

I got a quick opinion from PSA on this and it came back as likely not genuine... No explanation why. I don't think I can contact them further to find out more either, they should at least state why.

That throws a spanner into the works...

Don't take PSA's Quick Opinion as an absolute. You might want to read this discussion about their Quick Opinion accuracy.


Thanks Joe W. Funny - I was reading that earlier today after requesting the service... I was really hoping it would come back Likely Genuine to help just provide that bit more of insurance... Backfired.

I actually replied to them asking just for a bit of detail on their decision. This is their reply:

"The Quick Opinion service is not designed to offer specific reasons why the authenticators deem the item likely not genuine. In most cases, there is a lack of consistency with the autograph and our example of the authentic signature.
To receive the full authentication result, you would need to submit the item to PSA/DNA.
Unfortunately, there is no additional information we will offer with the Quick Opinion. It is a candid reaction to the item listed on eBay or through Auction, and the authenticators are not filling out paperwork to give the official result. It is truly a “quick” opinion."

I've come to the conclusion that Quick Opinions are not worth the $10 they charge. You are better off asking here. 

I and friends of mine have had denials on PSA quick ops that were IPs!! In my case, even though I knew it was genuine, having had the piece signed in front of my face, I sought quick op to have the paperwork to support a trade.

That doesn't mean that PSA's quick op is not without merit. A mistake here and there, we all make them (except for Chris with MM, Z with aerospace, me with Stan Lee, and others here who have exceptional insight into an unfortunately limited but concise number of autographs).

Point is, the members of this forum pooled together, possess unparalleled expertise. If you want to know if your auto is genuine, this is the best place for that answer.

Unfortunately, the grading services decisions, and the COAs they issue, are of paramount importance to the marketability of an auto.

Even if an auto is absolutely genuine, and a major won't issue a COA, it's best to know about that prior to purchase, and for that reason, the PSA quick op is still a valuable tool for facilitating a successful resale.

Good to know Woody, I appreciate the info! Thanks for taking the time to share.

Any body else who knows Jordan that can weigh in on the ball?

Personally, I like the ball. I'm not a Jordan guy but I've seen enough with impeccable provenance and authentication to weigh in on the positive side, leaning towards authentic for this one.

Thanks Woody!

Anyone else?



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