Is this Michael Schumacher signed rookie F1 license authentic??? Thanks 

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Whilst parts of the signature look strange compared to his modern signature including the gaps, the line underneath and the end, overall it is authentic IMO and highly collectable 

Thanks Dan for your opinions. This was his rookie autograph signed in 1991. Seller asking me to make an offer. Do you have any idea what is a reasonable offer?? I agree with you that it is highly collectible. 

What's he asking or has he got no price? Any issues with marks, condition etc?  Cannot see any on the photos but obviously impacts the value

Seller asking me to make an offer . I don’t know where to start!! I will be taking a closer look to make sure that this is not a facsimile and the conditions before making an offer.

Very true on the facsimilie although I would imagine it is live ink but best be sure as you say.

I've seen contracts go as high as $4,000 USD; however, whilst this is desirable this is not in that league as it's a license. Difficult to value but I'd say $200 as a starter or maybe a little less as they may let you get it cheaper. 

It’s great to see a discussion about Michael’s autograph! I was never able to get him in person, but I did receive 2 signatures through the mail a bunch of years ago. Does anyone know what the verdict on those is? I have seen mixed opinions.

Both are authentic IMO. Later signatures than the one originally posted and very nice examples too

Great contrast on the last image.

Ask Markus Brandes. He's tops on Schumacher.

Thanks Steve !!! Markus recommended that I stay away from this piece!!!!

Did he say why? I totally disagree with him and whilst there are some slight anomalies I stick by my original statement. I've collected F1 for over 35 years and have seen similar rookie items so unless it's a preprint or facsimilie cannot see any issues!



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