No, it's not the name of an old-time rock 'n roll band, although the name is kind of catchy.

Unfortunately, it's a classic Mickey Mantle "banana-style" fake signed baseball. Right now, bidding is at $255.00 with 5 hours left. Don't miss out!

Here's the link:

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I reported this. Told them fake Mantle stop this before your customer is robbed! Obviously Ebay doesn't care.

Great job. Glad you reported the seller. Too bad ebay won't let a person contact buyers to warn them. But that could hamper sales!

Sold for $305. Pathetic. 

sick thing is i have actually bought authentic mantles for less then this price and even less then half this price

It's good for a particularly loud belly laugh this morning to think some dope spent 3 beans for that Banana Rama mess ter piece. NICE



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