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I forgot to cancel my waterstones order after finding US editions. Waterstones order has shipped. Quick search and these are still available at BAM


And Little Shop of Stories (while supplies last)


From Waterstones.


Yep, that's her signature now. For this book and other signings.


100% legit, that is how she signs her name 

I don’t agree. See the link Adam posted for the proof. MBB ends her signature with what to me looks like a table shape and all of the pre signed are looped in a different direction and look like fish. 

It is highly speculative compared to other examples that are from her recent signing (still presigned) that these MBB autographs are likely secretarial. 

If not a member of RACC would suggest joining and reading the conversation.


Here is one that was signed ip for one of our RACC members 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

My spider senses started tingling on these a while back due to the sheer amount of time and places they were being offered and I cancelled my orders.

Glad I did. 

Might I just add…

How lame is it for someone so young (career-wise and in years) to pull this crap?

Just dont agree to sign if you cant be bothered. So many better solutions than the forgery cash grab. 

Pathetically disgusting on so many levels.



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