“The Cookbook” Signed Artcard Double Vinyl - Missy Elliott - Atlant...

THANKFULLY The Art Card Is The Size Of A Poster! ;-) :-D

Not sure if it is US ONLY!


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These are totally different than the ones they showed that she signed. I bet they are going to turn out to be fake, especially since she went out of her way to express they weren't. Kinda like when someone says they have your back...watch out.

Prove it. That simple. All I hear is griping with absolutely nothing to back it up.

You sound like a record company....lol

I think I can prove that these are genuine. If you go on twitter, Missy was signing albums back in Sept 2020 and the way she is signing those albums is the same way she signed these albums with the silver sharpie,  more of a fancy signature.  It is definitely the same style.  I have no worries about these albums being genuine but for those who do, simply send them.back 

This is the album from.the twiiter posts 

Yeah I believe everything on social media! 

Then return it already. If you believe they are fake send it back. Or better yet throw the print in the trash and trade in the vinyl to your local record store. It was only $25, you didn't pay anything extra for the print. So just pitch it in the garbage.

Did you guys get tracking. Just went and mine said shipped but haven’t gotta tracking. 

Yes, I received tracking 


Here’s a weird one. I checked my statement and found that a full refund has been issued for this order - and I only ordered one copy.

I received a shipping confirmation email recently, too.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

edited to add: I now have a tracking number and the order should arrive Saturday… I double-checked. I wasn’t double charged. (?)


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