MJ August '88 Barcelona concert poster - autograph authentication.

Hi all, I have a 1988 concert poster which was signed for me by Michael Jackson, via my grandfather who worked in the music industry (Long story short he was the chairman of a company heavily involved in the music and movie industries, he met MJ multiple times.). It's been hidden away for the last 33 years and pending its value it might be time to move it on to someone who might appreciate it in their collection more than I do with it tucked away in storage.

Though I'm certain that it's genuine, in that I know my grandfather had it signed and dedicated to me personally via MJ, fact, mum can corroborate stories also, I would appreciate further validation from MJ signature pros on here that it's a) a period correct MJ sig and b) that it's actually his hand, as opposed to one of his secretaries/entourage. And is there a best source of COA for such an item that I ought to purchase. Item and I are located in London, England.

Thanks in advance for your expertise, much appreciated.

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Everything about these signatures is perfect. What a great piece, absolutely fantastic!

a) matches the era

b) perfect example of an authentic MJ signature

c) I would offer this piece to members in this forum. It’s very rare that a piece like this pops up in here so I’m pretty sure there are a view people who would love to buy it from you (even without COA, because it’s 100% legit)

good luck! -Yannick

You've got a great piece there—clearly authentic in my opinion!

Looks fine..nice piece

Ah, thanks guys, really pleased to read your approvals. Making me want to keep and cherish it now, ha ha!!

I can't actually read what Michael has written on the right hand side, is it just 'to James' and then his signature I think but christian and surname split on two lines? Wonder why two signatures, maybe he signs a stock of them and my gpa got him to double sign one of them with an individual dedication to me I suppose.

I would pleased to offer this to genuine enthusiasts from this forum that I know would properly appreciate this in their collections, pending a fair price that justifies me selling it of course! I think I'd like to write a letter about the history of the item, my grandfather's connection to MJ and how it was that I came to receive it that could accompany the poster forever. If anyone want's to PM me genuine offers then I'll happily consider them. Regards, James.

Hey James. I sent you a message. I don't know if you can find your messages. Tried commenting on your page but it wasn't loading. Check your messages :) 

This is a NICE piece :)  Really cool to see these pop up when never seen before by others.  Awesome.  Two sigs likely due to not being able to see it clearly on the right.  He did like to sign in open spaces more often than not. 

can you send me a message. i’m very interested in this. thank you! brian 

James I messaged you as a new friend request.

I am interested.



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