I purchased this 20+ years ago.  The seller said he received it directly from Graham Chapman.  Although the dealer is highly regarded, I would appreciate other opinions. 

I have seen various signatures from the Monty Python troupe.  Two specific observations are the John Cleese seems more legible and the Michael Palin does not have the "symbol-like" look of later signatures.  

Thank you.

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Lovely display Alan, really nicely presented

Very nice signatures, Alan.  And a great display too.

Hi Alan.  Very nice display.  I did something similar using signed cards (no Chapman either) and the "chase cards" from the Holy Grail collector card set.  Nice to meet other Python fans.  Thank you for sharing.

It's lovely to hear a seller willing to do that, kudos to them. I just cannot see how he got these from Graham as they are not real or close to real IMO. I wish they were as the photo is a lovely group photo but sadly not this time and at least you can get your money back

Thank you again, Dan Morris.  Wishing something is authentic does not make it so.  The fact the seller is providing a full refund reinforces his well-earned positive reputation.  I only wish I could reconcile the story with the item.  Regardless, I greatly appreciate you sharing your expertise as I continue to try to filter the bad from the good in my collection.

This is fantastic news!  I’m so happy for you.  Kudos to the seller for doing the right thing.  Return it for a full refund and don’t give it a second thought—there’s no chance any of the signatures is authentic. If you decide to use the money to replace the item with an authentic signed Python piece and you need a second pair of eyes to confirm authenticity before making your purchase, just let me know.  I’m really delighted to hear that this story will have a happy ending.  All’s well that ends well!

Thanks Gregory.  I agree on kudos to the seller for providing a full refund.  This reinforces the strong positive reputation he earned in this hobby over many years.  I also appreciate your strong message of "return and don't look back" since deep inside I REALLY wanted this to be authentic.  The strength of your comment makes it a bit easier to move on.

I would mention the seller's name if he or she doesn't object. I think it is fantastic that he/she is giving a refund after 20 years, especially if the business has closed.

Thanks a pug called eva.  The seller has justifiably been highly regarded in our industry for many years and I will definitely check if it is okay to share his name.  He definitely deserves the shout out.

Thank you to everyone who shared their expertise on this item.  Although the consensus was this item is likely NOT authentic, I wanted to recognize the seller for honoring his lifetime guarantee of authenticity and providing a full refund despite this item being purchased more than twenty years ago and having closed his business almost ten years ago.

Many on this forum are familiar with Al Wittnebert (UACC Registered Dealer #RD007).  Not only are his opinions on authencity held in high regard, his personal integrity and character are also recognized.  

As I shared in a previous post, I first contacted Al in 1999 seeking a few specific items of interest.  As luck would have it, he had this Monty Python cast-signed photo he received from Graham Chapman in 1983.  I recall how generous he was in speaking with me as someone new to the hobby.  He continues to be a great ambassador.  

Last year I began poring through my collection trying to confirm authencity and remove questionable items from my collection (thank you to all of the experts on this forum for sharing their knowledge in this process).  I called the phone number on the COA for this item and was somewhat surprised that it was still active and Al answered.  He remembered the item right away and shared the same story including many of the details I recalled from our initial discussion.  This provided reassurance and increased my belief that this item was authentic.

Unfortunately, the story may have been accurate but the signatures were likely not authentic.  I shared the link to this forum discussion with Al and without question or hesitation, he sent me a full refund.  

I wish this forum existed twenty years ago but am grateful that it exists today.  I am also grateful for people like Al Wittnebert.  He was a joy to speak with twenty years ago when I was first starting to enjoy this hobby and continues to be a great ambassador for the hobby and example of integrity and character.  

Thank you Al Wittnebert.

Well done Mr. Al Wittnebert - so rare to see such a thing and a great thing to do!



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