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This eBay seller takes the cake in my book. Check out this Hendrix "autograph" supposedly signed in Seattle in 1968. The seller actually posted a couple of authentic Hendrix signatures to compare to the one offered for sale. The description and Q&A section include the following gems:

I'm not an idiot and the starting bid is well below the actual value. I'm feeling generous!

Please, feel free to get a Quick opinion on this item from any of the professional services. Please let me know what they conclude. I have studied Jimi's signature for years and I am confident it is genuine. The signature was signed quickly, without hesitation, and contains wonderful, genuine, attributes. I have added a another image showing a comparison of the connecting strokes of the "o" and "v" in the word "Love" If you are well versed in autograph collecting (paricularly Jimi's) you will understand that no hand other than Jimi's would have been able to do this.

What do you think?


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I wonder if the real seller is Greg Vanderhoven!

no good!

Looks like Grant is at it again.  Here is another one of his "pencil" signed Jimi Hendrix autographs he is offering on Ebay.  This is an absolute joke just like the one he offered before that is pictured above.

Notice the similarities in the two like the "H" and "N" in Hendrix which is not the way Jimi did it.  Also 2 signatures in pencil?  You don't find them very often except when Grant Van Derhoven offers them.  The papr it's on appears to be Astroparche Grey made by French Paper Company.  A modern sheet.  Now watch the lashing I will get on some other site over this.

That one's hysterical!  Maybe it's from a private signing he did at a scrapbooking store.

notice how teeny tiny he wrote too and look at the super skinny "d", so now we see what his agenda was.

Totally disgusting. But coming from the source it doesnt surprise me. I cant believe that DB actually likes this guy. What in gods green earth is their to like? Makes you wonder

Grant got caught and now he will try to "force feed" people with some BS about how they compare to other known exemplars when in fact they don't compare well at all.  I'm not going to point out all the mistakes that were made on this because that isn't my job but it's a real mess and The Vanderhoven sold one and tried selling the other because remember "He knows".

Hopefully the buyer will see this and realize what he really bought from Grant Van Der Sleet.

I also don't believe that either of these are authentic, unfortunately. If the autograph pictured at the beginning of this thread was "quite obviously genuine", it would have sold at a much higher price.

It's quite obviously a joke.  Oh yeah; Grant clean your nails.

The four comparison autographs at the top of the page are obviously authentic, in my opinion. I would bet that any of those would sell on eBay for about four times the price. 

It took a couple of years for the truth to come out, but now it's obvious that Grant Van De Streek, aka The Van Derhoven, only went after Roger here and on ANL to discredit him so he could sell Jimi Hendrix forgeries. Luckily only a few here were foolish enough to believe him after a while.


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