Hi. But Morgan Freeman autograph is rare? And the value of an easy signed page? Thanks.

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I would not use the term "rare" for his signature. There does seem to be more demand than supply currently which has increased his value. I would say a simple signed page, without authentication, in good condition would be in the $100 to $150 range.

I actually recently sold two Morgan Freeman index cards in mint condition with no authentication (but without a doubt 100% genuine) for approx $475 - $500 each. And I had many interested in these, so I would say the going rate is quite a bit higher…

That's good news, Cogo. I surely am outdated on Freeman signatures without TPA certs.

A few more eBay sold Freemans from the net at $700 and $850…..If the sold prices on eBay are solid.

Morgan Freeman was in a very bad automobile accident in 2008.  His arm was terribly injured.  I do not believe that he has signed an autograph since the accident.  Perhaps other members will be able to either confirm or deny this.

I heard about the accident but did not know it affected his signing. That would be a shame. His signatures are(or were) one of the best in the modern era. Glad I have one. Most just sign in scribbles nowadays.

Joe W…The accident and his non signing habits after the fact, unless someone can prove he has signed  in person in the last 10 years.…..Large demand and no supply. Hold on you yours for a better investment. I hold 2 8x10's and 3 or 4 signed cards….I will let them marinate for future sales.

Don't blame you, David. I do know he was a fairly willing signer in his early career. Freeman, in my opinion, is one of the best supporting actors in film history. Superb narrator as well. I guess I better keep a better eye out on his signatures.

Joe, I agree with you. Back in the day he was a great signer in LA.

Thanks. Yes i think 300/500$ for a signed card and 800/1000$ for a signed photo. I like only ballpoint pen in autograph... and it's hard to find by Freeman a signature like that. 

Mr. Mojo Risin, Here are a few of my in person Freeman's…The ballpoint autograph with a TPA cert would be about $700 since it is the oldest one. Not trying to sell you anything. 



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