Muse - Will of the People Vinyl (Preorder) 3 Signed Individual Art Cards

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Nabbed the Collectors edition. 

Looks nice 

Yes, Looks nice, got one as well.

Shipping was only 16$, which is okish...

I have until Aug to find it in Europe :)

Thanks for the post @copeadope !!

There is a Euro link 

Can you please try it and send the link?

Can't get there, getting:

504 Gateway Time-out


6622 left. 

Wow not that limited then but looks the business ,would they sign 7000 copies 

Good question. Now 6561 left. It’s their first album in 4 years and they have a pretty devoted fan base. The autos are also on individual art cards. So they’ll have three individual cards with photos of the members that they each sign. I purchased one because I thought it looked cool and they’re a great band. 

7K is really not that many for a band that popular. Alot to sign, but not alot for the total fanbase.

Now 6515. That’s about 100 sold every 10 minutes. Should be gone by end of day at this rate. 

Has Muse ever done a signed pre order? Their stuff is usually $$$$ 2nd hand. Also not an easy band to meet/find on tour. 


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