Hi everyone,
Today I got my first John Lennon autograph. I know the condition of the paper is bad, or even very bad, but it's John Lennon and I think such an autograph is better than not having an autograph at all. Anyway, it was obtained in person at an airport in the States in the summer of 1965. John also inscribed it "To Del & Myra". Does it look like Del in your opinion? Myra is a Hebrew name. The girl who got it was Jewish. I'm happy with it and I can finally say I have the autographs of all four members of the Beatles.

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I dont understand what you are saying.  If this isn't what?  I really don't understand the negative comments on this one.  Daniel stated that the condition was very bad, but he is happy with it.  What does it matter what others think?  This is not an authenticity debate, its one of personal preference.  Sometimes it comes down to cost.   I have several autographs where i have gone with lower quality because the price was right.  that doesn't work for everyone but it works for me.


I don’t understand the negativity either. It’s a genuine Lennon signature and the condition is commensurate with the price. He’s satisfied with it and now has all of their autographs. Congrats, Daniel!


Thanks Ballroom. 

You know it...a "Lennon" is a "Lennon"...

There are 10000 Lennon autographs out... i don't understand because a person must buy the more ugliest of all.

I guess you will have to remain in suspense.  Sorry it bothers you so much, but this is a hobby of individual decisions, and what is right for one might not be right for someone else, but its also not our place to question someone else's preference.

+1 on terrier's comment

Just my honest opinion.....At the end of the day it's up to the guy who's paying for it, if he's happy then thats's cool in my head, if you don't like it, thats kinda ok too, however, no need to be so negative and for the same old sad comments from the same old guys !!!...Daniel has paid for it and likes it, so let's not rip into his new addition, be happy for him.....D, congrats on the new pruchase brother. 

Thank you Beatleworld. 

Obviously, for many many years I wanted John Lennon's autograph. All the more so after I obtained the Paul, George and Ringo autographs. The problem is, as you know, that Lennon's autograph is in a different league, a few levels above the rest. And of course this is reflected in the price. A beautiful autograph of Lennon in VG condition costs a lot of money. Not everyone can afford it. While I was able to find the autographs of Paul, George and Ringo at bargain prices, with Lennon it is simply impossible. Have you ever seen a Lennon autograph at a bargain price? I guess most of you, if not all, will answer no. I had here a one-time opportunity to buy Lennon's autograph at a fair and low price. I paid less than $350 for it including shipping. Who can say no to such a deal? Other sellers would keep this autograph for themselves or demand at least twice the price I paid, if not more. The seller agreed to sell it to me at a low and fair price because he is a good friend of mine from the States. We met not long ago in Tel Aviv when he came to a visit in Israel. He knew how much I was looking for Lennon's autograph. I thank him very much for that. And of course, one day in the future, when I can afford it financially, I will upgrade this autograph and buy one more beautiful. Until then, I'll have to settle for this autograph. Thank you all for your nice and warm words.



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