Yes I know it’s authenticated by authentic signatures already but I still feel it’s best to post my item on here first before I offer it for sale later, not looking for anymore drama just trying to fellow all rules the best of my knowledge thank you members for offering opinions on my item rather it’s positive or negative I appreciate you all for taking the time to view it and offer any opinions,

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Very nice....

This is amazing. Is this a piece of canvas that was used in the movie?

That's what it says. :)

Yes sir it was used in Balboa when rocky stepped in the ring for the last time as a fighter  to fight mason Dixon, 

Kayla Mora was looking for a signed SS piece and link to one of these. Message her, maybe she'll buy it.

I think she may have purchased one already, but I will reach out to her now, thank you for the heads up,it’s appreciated 

They are 100% legit I have one from them. The guy who runs it is a d******** (nicky) but he has unprecedented access to Stallone and gets full name sigs in sitdowns all the time. If it has their hologram, your good


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